4 December 17:30 - 21:30Kromann Reumert Law Firm

We are partnering up with Kromann Reumert to host an exclusive, invite-only, VIP Dinner for our finalists, partners and investors. The overall topic for this season is scaling and in this dinner we will focus on the personal sacrifices and challenges that the founder(s) face when scaling a startup. 

The night is about creating new personal relationships and not about exchanging business cards.  It is a well known but still an unspoken fact that building startup is extremely tough on the founder’s personal life and its mental health. Every founder knows what it means to breathe the very vision of the business in every awake minute. Every founder knows that they will do whatever it takes because they are driven by an inner fire. 

While this is why the startup journey is so giving, it is also why it can bring founders into dark places that can manifest themselves in many different ways. Let’s bring this into the open and learn from each other. To set the scene, two successful founders will share their personal stories about their scaling journey. 

You will hear about the side of the story that they usually leave out, and by being open about the challenges they face, you will get some concrete tools based on their learnings. With this as a frame, the dinner will offer the perfect environment to get to know each other on a personal level across different backgrounds, nationalities and roles in the Nordic startup ecosystem. 

As our guest, you will make new friends and not just new business relationships. 

The evening will be the perfect warmup for the following events: The Ecosystem Summit during the day and the Nordic Startup Awards Grand Finale + After Party in the evening.

Who will be there:     

    • Finalists of Nordic Startup Awards 2019
    • Nordic Investors (Angels & VCs)
    • Corporate Investors and Partners
    • Special VIP Invites
    • Government


      Kristian Riis
      Musician & Entrepreneur

      Co- founder & guitarist - Nephew

      Founder - Nordic LA

      Partner  - ByFounders

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      Christian Lund

      Co-founder - Templafy (Startup of the Year 2018)

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      Welcome & drinks

      Welcome bubbles

      GSA & Kromann Reumert  


      2 different speakers sharing their personal scaling story (TBA)

      To be announce the keynote of the night. 


      Dinner & Networking

      Sitting dinner and casual networking.